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Claire Eva Shepherd

Counsellor & Psychotherapist
                                                 Reg MBACP


My Experience


I have been working as a counsellor/ psychotherapist since 2004.  My training is as a person-centered counsellor.  I would describe myself as Integrative as I use more than one methodology in therapy according to your needs.  I have worked in agency placements for young adults, for local communities, as a senior school counsellor, as a CPD group facilitator, in private practice, within a mental health and wellbeing team in the NHS, and most recently as a tutor for the Iron Mill College in Exeter.

I believe absolutely in a holistic approach that sees you as a whole; no healthy body, without health thoughts, without balance in mind, body, and spirit.  Always keeping an awareness that everybody's point of balance is different and unique to them.  I understand the need for medical terms, but often find mental health labels unhelpful as once a label is given it is usually paired with a certain course of treatment. I strongly believe each persons healing path is unique and should not be set or limited according to a diagnosis. 

I have for many years supported counselling students through their studies by offering reduced rates according to their course needs.  Helping students to understand course group dynamics, power imbalances between tutor and students, and to explore learning placement experiences.  If you are a student please call to discuss your needs.


As with all therapists my personal and professional development is ongoing, here is a brief list of some of the courses that I have undertaken to improve my understanding and ability to help clients: -

Brain, Gut Relationship                                                                                    Facilitating Group Work

Children Young People – Loss, Death & Grief                                                  Couples Counselling

Creative & Focus Approaches                                                                         ADHD

Working with Self-Harm                                                                                  Dyslexia in Children & Adults

Early Intervention in Psychosis                                                                       Drug Awareness

Issues of Depression                                                                                       Speaking Sexually

Exploring Spirituality                                                                                      Art Therapy

How Colour Affects You                                                                                  Anxiety

Origins of The Human Mind                                                                           Stress and Your Body 

Philosophy as A Guide to Living                                                                     Food & Mood

Supporting Dementia                                                                                     The Family System

Foundations in Dementia                                                                               Arts4Dementia

Emotional Regulation in Autism                                                                     Childhood Adversity

PTSD A Global View                                                                                        Depression or Low Mood

Equality & Diversity                                                                                       Understanding Brain Health

Carer Awareness                                                                                            Creative Problem Solving

I have a keen and special interest in supporting parents who are home educating, and adults who are diagnosed with or suspect they have neuro-diverse brains, often referred to as learning difficulties these include Dyslexia, ADHD, OCD etc...  I have been a home educator, and have a personal investment in neuro-diversity as it runs in my family, giving me first hand experience of many of the issues that a neuro-diverse brain struggles with as a child and as a adult.  Through my work with the NHS I have supported many parents requesting an AS/ADHD assessment.  Waiting for a diagnosis can take years, for children and adults I strongly recommend looking into your right to chose -​  If you're struggling at work ask about 'reasonable adjustments'.


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