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Counsellor & Psychotherapist - Legally Binding Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

These are the working ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Claire Eva Shepherd independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist. They make a legal agreement between you the client and Claire Evan Shepherd.  Payment of any therapy session as detailed on the Claire Eva Shepherds website, confirms your agreement to be legally bound by these ‘Terms and Conditions’ set out below.  Clients should regularly review these ‘Terms and Conditions’ as Claire Eva Shepherd reserves the right to revise and update them at any time.  If you do not accept these ‘Terms and Conditions’ in the entirety, you should not book or pay for an appointment.  If you have any queries regarding these ‘Terms and Conditions’, you can email and ask for clarification.  Throughout Claire Eva Shepherd’s website and leaflets, care has been taken to describe and show the services offered as accurately as possible.  Despite this, errors may occur.  Claire Eva Shepherd makes every effort to ensure that all pricing displayed on the website and in leaflets are accurate, however the right is reserved to alter pricing without notice.


Appointments – initial appointments can be made by phone, text, or email.  An appointment will not be confirmed until pre-payment has been made via website or bank transfer.

Bookings – all therapy sessions are by appointment only.  Payment should be made as soon as your booking has been made to ensure reservation. Confirmation of booking will be sent via your chosen method of email or text.

Cancellations – a cancelled appointment requires 24 hours’ notice for a full refund.  If Claire Eva Shepherd cancels your appointment, you will be offered a replacement appointment at a date and time that is mutually suitable.  If Claire Eva Shepherd cannot offer you a suitable replacement session your money will be refunded in full.  

Confidentiality – your privacy is of the utmost concern to Claire Eva Shepherd, what you say within your sessions is confidential.  However, The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Codes of Ethics specifically requires clinical supervision.  Claire Eva Shepherd only uses supervisors who are also governed by BACP’s ethical framework and consider shared client details to be confidential.  The only time Claire Eva Shepherd or her supervisor are legally bound to divulge your details are should you have revealed a definite intention to seriously injure yourself or another person, have admitted to being a terrorist, have admitted to dealing in drugs (this does not include personal use), have admitted to human trafficking, or you have admitted participating in current ongoing child abuse.

Contact Details – Claire Eva Shepherd will request suitable contact details from you.  You have the right to refuse to supply such details, however if you do not supply contact details you may find an appointment has been cancelled with no notice.  In such circumstances Claire Eva Shepherd accepts no responsibility for losses of any kind.

Copyright - Claire Eva Shepherd’s website contains copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information, including, but not limited to, text, photos, video, graphics, and the entire content of the website which is copyrighted as a collective work under UK and International copyright laws.  Claire Eva Shepherd owns a copyright in the selection, co-ordination, arrangement, and enhancement of such content, as well as in the content original to it.  Users may not modify, publish, transmit, distribute, post, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit any of the content, in whole or in part.  Except, as otherwise expressly permitted under copyright law or these ‘Terms and Conditions’; no copying, redistribution, retransmission, publication, or commercial or non-commercial exploitation of downloaded material will be permitted without the express written permission of Claire Eva Shepherd.

Disability – Claire Eva Shepherd will make every effort to accommodate any notified disability during a therapy session.  If a requested accommodation cannot be reasonably made you will be notified in writing prior to the session and if necessary, any payment refunded in full.

Disclaimer – If you are taking prescription drugs during your therapy sessions with Claire Eva Shepherd, you should not stop taking them without consulting your GP, or relevant medical professional.  If you wish to stop taking prescription drugs, addictive drugs, or banned substances, Claire Eva Shepherd can write to your GP on your behalf and with your consent to formalise an action plan.  All letters are charged at £15.00 each.

Ethics – Claire Eva Shepherd is a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and abides by their ethical framework a copy of which can be viewed on their website at  If you feel any part of this ethical framework has been breached Claire Eva Shepherd asks that you, or someone acting on your behalf, notify her as soon as possible so that every effort can be made to rectify the situation.  If you feel the situation has not been successfully resolved, you can formally complain to BACP quoting membership number; 055603.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction -These ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.  Disputes arising in connection with these ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, where the claim is brought by you, save where you have legal rights to bring any claim in respect of such a dispute in any other jurisdiction.   Claire Eva Shepherd retains the right to bring proceedings against you, for any threatened or actual breach of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ in your country of residence. Claire Eva Shepherd does not warrant that therapy services or information for sale on this website are appropriate for use outside the United Kingdom.  It is prohibited to access this website from territories where its contents are illegal or unlawful.  If you access this website from locations outside the United Kingdom, you do so at your own risk and you are responsible for compliance with local laws.  If any provision of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ is, for any reason, invalid and/or unenforceable as determined in an appropriate court of proper jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.  Users agree to replace an invalid/ unenforceable provision with an enforceable provision that most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the invalid/ unenforceable provision and shall be interpreted most favorable, when possible to the benefit of the company.

Health & Safety – Claire Eva Shepherd makes every effort to risk assess and provide a safe and secure environment for therapy.  If you should notice a health and safety risk you are requested to notify Claire Eva Shepherd immediately so that the matter can be addressed as necessary.

Home Visits – are continued after a risk assessment via phone and in person.  Claire Eva Shepherd reserves the right to refuse home visits if a risk is assessed.  All home visits are done under a Lone Worker Policy that allows for a tracker to and whilst at her destination.  Should the tracker not be cleared then home visit details – including client name and contact phone number are passed to a colleague for emergency contact.  Please note that failure of the colleague to establish Claire Eva Shepherd’s safety would result in full disclosure of details to the police.  This would include name, address, and phone number.

Information – you will be asked to supply personal information, failure to supply relevant details when requested may result in Claire Eva Shepherd’s inability to work effectively with you.  This is particularly relevant to requested details of prescription drugs, addiction, and previous mental health disorders.

Limitation of Liability – the information, products, services, and other material included in, or available through Claire Eva Shepherd’s website, may not be complete, and may include errors or inaccuracies, and may be modified, discontinued, or deleted without notice.  Claire Eva Shepherd specifically disclaims any, and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy. Content, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability now, or in the future.  Advice, information, and other materials suppled by Claire Eva Shepherd either downloaded from this site or obtained during therapy sessions should not be relied upon for personal, medial, legal, business, financial or other decisions.  Claire Eva Shepherd disclaims any responsibility or liability for deletion, failure-to-store, miss-delivery, viruses, loss of data, or untimely delivery of an information or material through use of her website or any third-party links on it.  You access and use the services provided at your own discretion and risk.  No part of Claire Eva Shepherd’s website or any therapy session is a substitute for medical advice.  When using this website, the user is solely responsible for any damage incurred to their computer system or data thereon.  Claire Eva Shepherd disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or materials on the internet through her website.  Under no circumstance is Claire Eva Shepherd liable for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces, or causes beyond her reasonable control – including without limitation, internet failures, computer equipment failures, telecommunication equipment failures, other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riots, insurrections, civil insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labour or material, fires, floods, storms, explosions, acts of god, war, government actions, order of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals, non-performance of 3rd parties, or loss of or fluctuation in heating, light, or air conditioning.

Notes – Claire Eva Shepherd keeps therapy session notes.  These are securely stored on a Datashur memory stick that is password protected with memory encryption.  All notes are retained for seven years in accordance with Claire Eva Shepherd’s insurance policy. 

Online Acceptance - Claire Eva Shepherd website users may not assign, sub-license, or otherwise transfer any rights under these ‘Terms and Conditions’.  If any provision of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ is found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the invalidity of the provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall continue to have full force and effect.  No person other than the parties to these ‘terms and conditions’ is intended to benefit from them, pursuant to ‘The Contracts (rights of third parties) Act’ 1999.  These terms represent the entire understanding between the User and the Company, they supersede any prior statements, representations or terms and conditions.

Online Therapy – The service Whereby confirms a secure and confidential environment in which to conduct online therapy.  Claire Eva Shepherd cannot be held responsible for the security measures provided by this third party.  She uses their service in good faith. Neither can she be held responsible for confidentiality/security of your chosen login point/location.

Payment – Claire Eva Shepherd links via her website with 3rd party payment sites that are not under her control.  Claire Eva Shepherd accepts no responsibility for the contents or operation of such linked sites, or any link contained in such linked sites.  Confidentiality via these sites cannot be guaranteed.  Clients should refer to the payment sites ‘Terms and Conditions’ when using them.  Bookings are deemed to have been placed once payment has been received. Payments can also be made via bank transfer.  Cheques are not accepted.  Clients are entitled to a receipt.  Please notify Claire Eva Shepherd if you don’t receive a receipt.

Privacy Policy - Cookies are in use on Claire Eva Shepherd’s website.  By using the website, you consent to the collection and use of your cookie information.

Refunds – refunds will be completed within three working days of cancellation and the provision of any necessary bank details. 

Refusal –Claire Eva Shepherd reserves the right to refuse to provide any booked therapy session if in her opinion, it is not suitable for the person concerned, is unethical, or would cause disruption to other users.  In such circumstances a full refund would be issued as per the refund policy.

Phone Sessions – Claire Eva Shepherd accepts no liability for third parties hacking into her mobile service and breaching confidentiality.

Under 18 – Claire Eva Shepherd does not offer therapy to under people under 18yrs of age.  Use of services should only be booked by persons over the required age.



These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act 2018 defines how this Privacy Policy is written and implemented.  Other necessary considerations are made to overriding legal obligations, insurance stipulations, client safety, and the safety of others.

  • You have the right to see the data I keep about you.  Should you wish to see that data you can make a ‘Subject Access Request’ to me by text or email confirming how you wish me to supply the data.  You might decide to have it printed in hard copy and handed to you or posted.  You might prefer to have it emailed to you.  Before you decide please think about how confidential and safe the choice you make is.

  • The data I keep is specific to the therapy you receive.  It will include your main details - name, address, and your chosen contact details in one place.

  •  Your main details will be assigned a number and in all future record keeping only your number will appear.  Main details with the number on are kept separate from your session notes.

  • Numbered session notes will include my assessment questionnaire answers, your session notes, and any additional therapy work such as artwork, poems etc…   

  • Numbered details are not kept in hard copy but typed directly on to, or scanned on to, a Datashur password protected encrypted memory stick - encryption USB 2.0 IS-FL-DA-256-4. 

  • Main details and numbered details are kept for 7 years in accordance with my insurer’s requirements.  They are never kept together.

  • In the event of my being notified of your death your details are destroyed.  The General Medical Council for health professionals indicates confidentiality stands after your death.

  • In the even of my death all your details are destroyed after you are notified by a trusted nominated therapist.  Details are deleted by destroying the memory stick.

  • Appointments are entered using your first name and chosen main contact details, this allows a nominated third person to contact you quickly and efficiently should I have an accident or emergency.  You have the right not to have your contact details noted.

  • You have the right to be contacted by phone, text, email or not at all.  However, if you opt for not at all and it is necessary to cancel your appointment at short notice, please be aware that you could attend an appointment to find I’m not available.

  • Your data will not be shared with any third party, save meeting legal obligations (please see notes below) or by a BACP registered therapist who takes responsibility for contacting you in the event I have an accident or emergency.

  • Session notes are often random memory joggers, thoughts, and prompts for ongoing sessions.  They are not blow-by-blow accounts of our sessions together.

  • Should you wish me to pass on details or write a letter on your behalf for whatever reason, this request must be made in writing and signed by you.  The letter should state clearly that you have thought about the implications of passing on such information on your privacy, and that you agree to it.

  • Under many circumstances you have the right to ask for your details to be deleted.  However, as a psychotherapy practice, I am bound to keep your records for 7yrs.

Conditions under which the Protection of Personal Data is Exempt: -


I have a Statutory Duty - to provided your details to a third party, such as the police, social services or the crisis mental health team if you meet the following criteria: -

Ongoing Child Abuse - If during a session you reveal that you are sexually abusing a child it is the legal obligation of this therapist to report what I know to the police, omitting to do so is a prosecutable offence.

Terrorism – if during a session you reveal that you are a terrorist it is the legal obligation of this therapist to report what I know to the police, omitting to do so is a prosecutable offence.

Drug Trafficking - If during a session you reveal that you are trafficking in drugs (profiting from the sale of drug, not just taking them), it is the legal obligation of this therapist to report what I know to the police, omitting to do so is a prosecutable offence.

Human Trafficking- if during a session you reveal that you are human trafficking it is the legal obligation of this therapist to report what I know to the police, omitting to do so is a prosecutable offence.

Serious Risk to Self or Other’s - where you have indicated that you are a serious threat to yourself or to another’s safety it is necessary to notify outside agents.  This is usually you GP/ Crisis Mental Health Team/ in rare circumstances the police.  In such instances it is necessary to pass on your name, address, and a brief analysis of the risk.  A risk is judged to be you giving very specific details a plan you have to kill yourself and saying you will implement it, or you talking in an irrational out of character highly charged way about hurting yourself or others.

Court Order – to refuse a court order is for me to be held in contempt of court.

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